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Finding The Man of Your Dreams & How To Not Be Afraid.

By Brandon Jamil In reality, we’re seeking refuge and safety for our emotions, because we’re terrified of no longer being in control. Those feelings and emotions we’ve kept barried beneath the surface, so desperately wanting to reveal themselves, but we feel somewhat vexed when we’re not reassured that our heart won’t deceive us. What if

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No One Is Coming To Save You.

By Brandon Jamil Spread the love by liking, sharing, subscribing. As we endure our life by facing our challenges, attempt to discover our life’s purpose, and explore the deeper meaning of life— we can question where love fits into the equation. The art of life comes with complexities, and it’s only natural to seek solitude

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He’s in The Closet, But I Love Him.

Written By: Brandon Jamil Don’t forget to comment, like, share and subscribe. We’ve all heard stories about down low men; gay men who hide in the closet due to circumstance, geographical location, religion, and family ties. As we develop our sense of self and sexuality—we hear about the drama these down low men bring. From

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