Author: Brandon Jamil

Myths About Mental Illness Part 2

Only until more recently, mental illnesses and mental health disorders were taboo topics. People were uncomfortable talking about these subjects or … Myths About Mental Illness Part 2

True Love

Darling, I mustn’t turn my back on true love, But as you know; I’ve become fearful of just how much every choice, every desire, And every sacrifice—is for you. I suppose, as your husband, your lover, your friend, and your companion —You’d expect nothing less. Sometimes I get afraid of what lies ahead, Am I

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Why Nice Guys ALWAYS Finish Last.

By Brandon Jamil On the surface nice guys demonstrate great qualities. Nice guys can be adaptable, responsible, attentive, supporting, and caring. I mean… who doesn’t want this man? A man that worships the very ground we walk on. A man who understands our every need and is available at any moment. We finally found our

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