Hi. I’m Brandon Jamil, Copy writer, Author. On this blog, I share my thoughts on Life style; specifically the art of living through toxic relationships. I began writing my first blog in 2010. I had just began my writing career; sharing ideas on spirituality, lifestyle, personal development. This enabled me to have a healthy freelance writing career. Publications include: Startinphx, Technology for the Future, Park Hill News Paper, this includes content contributions to many local Denver businesses, now I am a fiction author.

My Philosophy: We’re living through the dismantling of toxic hyper masculinity, misogyny. I believe that the feminine presence is reclaiming power and showing all of us whom embody feminine energy how to honor the truth of our power by disenabling us to participate in aspects of life that simply don’t serve us.

If you’re a woman and or gay man whose on the path of illuminating your unconsciousness with a no nonsense approach by transforming trauma into power and embodying your ‘Eternal Bad Ass’ this site is for you.

Typically, I publish an article once a week. To stay connect with our tribe, subscribe to receive fresh off the press post, updates and dates. Also you’ll have access to book release dates, and signings.