Hi. I’m Brandon Jamil, I am a blogger and copywriter. On this website, I cover dating, relationships, and lifestyle from a gay man’s perspective. This website is intended to take you on an illuminating path to healthy self-esteem, self-love and empowerment. My articles, stories tend to have an honest, no nonsense, anti-fluff approach. We share this space to get real, read the hell out of fuck boy behaviors, confronting traumas and re-creating new landscapes for our lives. Sometimes we’ll have a keke or two.

I began writing my first blog in 2010. At the time I shared ideas on spirituality, philosophy (THANK GOD MY TWENTIES ARE BEHIND ME!). Though I came from humble beginnings, my first blog provided me many opportunities to write for publications such as: Startinphx, Technologyforthefuture, Namafit.com(The Fitness and Yoga Job Network) as a contributing writer.

For more information on my writing services, advertisement feel free to email me at info@brandonjamil.com

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