The eternal bad ass.

My tribe are people whom know their inner bad ass but fear stepping into their bad ass because of psychological conditioning, programming and lifestyle, choices. The eternal bad ass is someone whom understands their souls signature.

 We do this by understanding the archetypical patterns that are present within each of our lives and how that serves the souls evolution while being on this earthly material realm. Mystical soul helps individuals identify where they’re at within their journey and call back their power to their life.

Launched in 2018 as a community for my tribe The Eternal Bad Ass. The eternal bad ass is someone whom understands their spiritual identity and union with the divine. The eternal badass merges oneself with the divine, choosing to stand within their power unapologetically.   

If you identify or have a tiny sliver of feeling like the inner bad ass, desire to share values within a community that encompass; personal development within relationships, career also, spiritual development and personal fulfillment while living and embodying a full life in an authentic, grounded and tangible approach and application… This is your tribe!

In the last ten years, I’ve spent many hours studying and practicing many spiritual paths and modalities with the attempt of discovering my inner bad ass. While in college I studied psychology, philosophy and astrology also world religion. In the interim I spent much of my time in therapy and working towards inner peace and wholeness. Within the last ten years I’ve written numerous of articles about health and wellness, alongside a radio show for two years that was dedicated to assisting the individual in their personal development.

I decided to create brandonjamil.com as a continuum of the personal development, spiritual work I’ve committed my life to. For me it was never an option to forsake my person healing journey and compensate with external stimuli or complicate my very existence. The many times I’ve attempted (In my earlier twenties) I found myself in constant states of confusion, loss and despair and a perpetual state of grief. Without having a solid emotional support, I was faced with my own inner workings of my emotional, spiritual reality. Over the years I’ve accumulated, gained hands on experience from relationships, career and lifestyle at times; the lack thereof- or so I thought. Now I have embodied the values, tenacity and love, passion and support to be The Eternal Bad ass. It is my personal mission to accompany all of you to awaken, embody and manifest your Eternal Bad Ass.

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