Todd’s way: A short story.

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By Brandon Jamil.

I walk off the elevator and walk down the hallway. To my immediate right my neighbor Todd is standing between his unit and the hallway, he kisses his partner goodbye for the day. Todd’s boyfriend enters the elevator and I enter my apartment. Several minutes later Todd knocks on my door, I greet him and invite Todd in. Todd apologizes for the loud arguments that he and his partner have had lately, and I dismiss his claims by pretending not have heard anything. Which was a complete lie, everyone on the fifth floor can hear those two yell at each other.  

 “Have a seat Todd”  


“Would you prefer water or coffee” 

“Cock if you have it”  

I grin at Todd and he leans in and grabs the back of my legs. Todd begins to rub his face into my groin, and I take a step back attempting to push him off of me, but Todd firmly pulls me closer to his face. He pulls down my gym shorts and under wear and begins stroking my cock. Blankly staring into Todd’s eyes, Todd wraps his mouth around my cock and beings to thrust his mouth up and down my shaft.  


“Yeah baby” 

“You’re married”  

“Shhh just enjoy me” 

 I plunge inside of Todd’s throat and gag him until he nearly vomits. He pulls my cock out of his mouth, and he takes the salvia running down the side of his mouth and place it on his hole. Todd turns over and invites me inside of him. I slowly enter my head into his winking hole as he slowly inches his way back on to cock. Todd begins to squeeze and I become speechless. Todd looks back at me as I attempt to gather my speech. I then wrap my hands around his waist and slam into his hole. Todd deeply arches his back as my shaft digs deeper.  

Todd turns around and pushes me onto my back and he climbs on top of me. He takes my cock and slides it into his hole. Todd holds my hands down as he begins to bounce up and down on me. Todd squeezes his hole and slowly grinds on me.  

“I am cumming”  

“Yes, baby give it to me” 

“Oh my god” 

“Give me your babies” 

Todd leans in and gives me a kiss. I smack his ass and kiss him back.  

“Damn that was hot” 

“We should do that again” 

“Your husband won’t be mad” 

“My husband and I are completely open”  

“Oh, you two play together?” 

“Yes, come have drinks with us tomorrow.” 

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