10 things to do while “staying at home.”

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By Brandon Jamil

We quibble amongst each other as our lives hangs at the precipice of hope and utter annihilation–due to the corona virus (Covid-19). The uncertainty driving almost all of us to prepare for the end of world–as we know it; stock piling toilet paper, food, and medical supplies is our new normal. Just the other day, I went into a local Whole Foods, and the shelves were bare, the workers forcing a smile as ring my items and place them into the bag. We both avoid eye contact, because… 

 well it may in-fact be the last time we see each-others faces. We’re forced to succumb to isolation, secretly hoping it won’t be us, it can’t be us–or our loved ones.  

Like any mandatory quarantine participant, I pour myself red wine and attempt to get two things accomplished: 1. Get drunk 2. relax. I sip my red wine as the children next door run around and kick the soccer ball in their back yard; laughing without a care in the world. My neighbors to the right of me (lovely gay couple) are pushing their children on the swing set.  

Meanwhile, I attempt to find my next binge-worthy show on Netflix. However, after a week of bingeing on my favorite shows, I wanted something else to do. To reclaim my sanity and peace of mind I put together a list of productive things I can do in the house which follows:  

  1. Meditation and Prayer:  Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher, philosopher, and writer believes that “being aware of your breath forces you into the present moment–the key to all inner liberation.” By cultivating a daily mediation practice you can gain mental clarity and focus, reduce anxiety, stress, and psychical pain. I have personally found prayer to be an effective transformative experience that connects my emotional body to my mental body–which brings inner balance. In-fact studies show that individuals who pray are healthier than individuals who don’t. More importantly, there’s no right or wrong way to pray or mediate. I love them both. Which of the two are your favorite? 
  2. Yoga: According to Ali Neal, yoga teacher, healer and owner of the Urban Sanctuary, states that yoga is vital to our bodies health. Not only does yoga promote weight loss. She has witnessed throughout her twenty years of practice that yoga creates the ultimate mind and body connection. Which creates a healthy relationship with the body, building body positivity, love, confronting emotional and psychical traumas, releasing anxiety, stress, pain, and illnesses that the body has stored. Neal refers to this as Energetic clearing. For more information on quality online yoga courses that you can do in the comfort of your home, and much more click here.  
  3. Sleep: It’s a no brainer that our bodies need sleep and proper sleep hygiene. In an article by Mayo Clinic, medical experts have found that our bodies should have no more than eight hours of sleep. Our bodies also need consistent sleep schedules (sleep hygiene). Sleep hygiene promotes happier & well-balanced moods, and optimal health performance.  
  4. Exercise: Exercise is a great way to keep the body fit and maintain healthy hormones levels. Working out at home has its advantages. You don’t need weights or equipment, because you can use your body weight as resistance. There’s hundreds of fitness apps and free fitness YouTube videos from professional trainers. Keeping it 100… I have been in the gym working on my ass (squats) so I could be sexually objectified this summer. It was my turn to sit pool side looking like a whole meal. I suppose I’ll be an Instagram thot–all is not lost.  
  5. Reading a Book: If you’re anything like me (No no no you’re not. I am original honey!) you may have several unfinished books, because you can’t stop purchasing books, and the list of unfinished books pile up. Well the good news is, all we have right now is time, so crack open that unfinished book and read to completion. Currently I am reading Paulo Coelho’s Adultery and I am beyond pissed off at the Antagonist–she’s a back stabbing, lying, vindictive bitch! “Brandon put the book down.”  
  6. Catch up with family and friends: Life prior to the Corona Virus pandemic, we all had busy lives, and many of us didn’t have the time to catch up with extended family members and loved ones consistently. Just the other day I caught up with most of my family members and friends, because it was my birthday, and we decided to celebrate on FaceTime. Everyone had a bottle of wine and we laughed, danced to music, told jokes, and drunk cried. Oh, how I’ll never forget the spring of 2020.  
  7. Journal: Journaling is a great way to purge all of our scattered thoughts and emotions. There’s no logical sequence needed, all that is needed is a notebook and a pen. I journal every morning, I write down all of my thoughts, so I don’t feel heavy. I also journal when I am anxious and nervous. Journaling helps me keep my power and not over react to circumstances outside of myself. In other words: If you too don’t want to jump out of the window, please journal…Now.  
  8. Cooking: If you’re single and live in a bigger city, dining out is normal and constant. Cooking at home is rare (I am a millennial who fucking hates to cook. There I said it.) because there’s not enough time to be home. You could a parent who is always at home cooking because of your children, but whatever the circumstance is, it’s a great time to learn new recipes and try out new food choices. Next week I am making my own plant- based burgers and home-made sauces; this should be interesting.  
  9. Orgasms: If you’re lucky enough to have your “person” living with you, and you don’t have to suffer from the sexless skin to skin orgasms; while using toys and other measures–as some of us (me) that are currently copping with, please do us a favor, and keep your peace girl. For the rest of us that are single and are reminded of all of the glorious sex that we can’t have, this is the time to learn and explore new sexual practices. Currently I am learning tantric sex. If you do a search “tantric massage” on YouTube–You will be quite thrilled and amazed at what you see.  
  10. Hobbies: Arts and crafts, video games, fun ideas, and projects are perfect for down time. Regardless which one of these you tend to gravitate to, it’s important that we make sure we’re doing things we enjoy. Go ahead and pour two stiff ones while you’re at it.  

The upcoming days ahead remains uncertain, and the reality of our mortality is ever so prevalent. We’re forced to forge new ways of existing and creating beyond our own personal limitations. With every moment of fear and much freedom we move down this new path of existing together, not as one, but as a whole. Feel free to comment below and tell us what you’ve been doing to keep sane during this time. Also, don’t forget to like and share this article, and subscribe to the website.  

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