Welcome to Venice Beach!

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By Brandon Jamil

Photos provided and owned by Brandon Jamil.

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Oh Venice, the city of beautiful and fun people, gorgeous sunsets, hot bodies, and electric vibes.

Venice—Built in the early 1900 on a whim from the investor from Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach served as a fun city. At the time Venice Beach was considered the city of America. In the early years of it’s conception, Venice Beach had amusement parks, casinos, and immaculate several canals that span throughout the city. The asethitc of the Venice Beach canals (at that time) emulated Venice, Italy.

Over time Venice Beach the once acclaimed city began to crumble. During the depression, the county of Los Angeles decided to fill majority of the canals—to provide jobs. The casinos, amusement parks wasted away, and it became desolate. In the sixties it was a safe haven for the hippie movement, and following the sixties the city turned into the crip gang territory; which was over ridden with drugs, and many people stayed away from the beloved city that fell from grace.

Currently, darling Venice Beach is home of  psychic mediums, artists, side show attractions, and known for its sexy muscle beach. Anyone who’s been to this rich and cultured city knows a thing or two about this gem. This city holds canals and bungalows, skate parks, oceans and it’s surfers, beach town restaurants, and romantic adventures of sorts. 

If you’re ever in Los Angeles and want to get away from the glam scene, come and catch a good vibe here in Venice Beach!

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