The Gateway To Love.

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By Brandon Jamil

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“When we love we let our hearts speak.” —Bell Hooks 

After all of the heart break and carnage we can find ourselves closed off to loves whispers. The past suffering nearly destroyed us, and we made a vow to ourselves that love would never tear us down. We’d never fall victim to the demise of our lover. We had to learn the hard way to guard our heart, and we created many walls, tactics for protection. The moment that anyone dared to even come close to touch our heart we’d flee or push our lover away, because having power and restraint was easier. We become calculated and wait for our lover to fail us, and we then withdraw our affections. We know longer believer in fairy tales and true love. 

At best we understand that love is nothing more than a practical agreement to get our needs met. Our hearts grow cold and bitter as we watch everyone around us find true love, and we muster the courage to ask ourselves why not me? Why has love been so illusive for so long? We hold our heads high and announce that we simply don’t need love, and we ignore the call of love. That is until love comes into our life and there is no amount of blockage that can keep it out. 

The years that we built our walls are now tumbling down, and feel our emotions. We feel softer and somewhat receptive to love. The thought that we just may have the capacity to love again is alarming. We can’t fathom being vulnerable or needy. But the truth is, we deeply want someone who has the balls to touch our hearts and challenge us to love. We can no longer deny the seduction of love, and how powerful the heart truly is. 

We come to understand that love cannot be controlled, and no amount of power or seduction can force the will of another heart, but love within itself is seductive. The more we attempt to grab ahold of love the more it becomes illusive and flees away from us as the their in the night. As we bemoan our concerns and fear about love leaving our life, we’re transformed by it’s grips, and we learn that we love was never separate from it, but in-fact we were separated from ourselves.

And this new love has rocked the boat, they come bearing gifts; sometimes for a season, sometimes for a reason, sometimes for a lifetime. At first, we’re vexed at what they’re here to show us. 

And that is where the invitation to love begins. 

Love doesn’t care about our past wrong doings, Love doesn’t care about our past transgressions, and Love doesn’t care about why we’ve stopped believing in it. When love comes knocking on our door, it invites us on a journey that forces us to transform for our highest good. We learn how to trust in our hearts, we learn how to truly give, we learn how to receive, and we learn how to honor the truth of love. You see, love is only interested in finding you, but you first must know how to see it. 

Love liberates our deepest fears by asking us to open to it, and confront it, because despite the love of another person—it’s still remains, and we learn that love is in-fact apart of our very fabric. And in the end, we come to realize that we have full authority and power over our heart. Does this mean we give our hearts to every man that crosses our path? No. It means that we longer allow our past to hold us captive in a prison of our haunted traumas. It means that we’re worthy of love and if we’re willing to look at our past as a lesson, and regard every person we’ve loved as a teacher, we find ourselves one step closer to embracing true love. 

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