No One Is Coming To Save You.

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By Brandon Jamil

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As we endure our life by facing our challenges, attempt to discover our life’s purpose, and explore the deeper meaning of life— we can question where love fits into the equation. The art of life comes with complexities, and it’s only natural to seek solitude within the comfort of love. Love becomes our destination in our minds, and if we have that, all else will be well. If only he would come and make our life better. If only we received the love we yearn for. If only love would find me, I would finally be at peace and not fear my own life.

If only we would finally be granted by the universe the true love we were so denied as a child, then all of our challenges, obstacles, and life woes— Served its purpose to assist us in finding our soul mate. But, life happens and we soon realize that no one is coming to save us. We swallow the harsh pill that we’re here on this earth to take care of ourselves, and only by our own efforts can we save ourselves and improve our lives. 

Up until now, we’ve lived our lives under the guise of prince charming coming in and rescuing us. This is the moment that we come to terms that we have infinite creative abilities, and we can in-fact begin to participate in manifesting the life we truly want for ourselves. We begin to day dream about the life we could have, and it’s like a drug. We being to feel powerful and unstoppable. That is until we actually have to do it. 

Suddenly, we’re faced with confronting all of the distractions, excuses, fear, and doubts that has prohibited us from owning our lives and taking our power back. As we’re faced with confronting all of the broken pieces in our life, the life that we know begins to dismantle itself. Quite often, we want things to remain the same while we gather all of our pieces, but we can’t do both. Life won’t allow us to birth anew, and hold on to the same foundation that has revealed itself to be unfulfilling, tiresome, heavy, and the cause of so much unhappiness. 

Any of our romantic relationships built under the rescue guise will begin to disintegrate. While we reclaim our independence, the need for someone to mask our fears slowly fades. We end up resenting our partner because we feel they’re holding us back from reaching our full potential. It’s seldom that we take a look at ourselves first, before we judge our partners. It can be possible to remain in relationship that was built under the rescue guise if we have a supportive partner. Be for warned, that your new found independence can cause sever issues.

Your partner met you and agreed to take care of you, look after you, and practically raise you. This new you may present a threat, because your partner must now face that you may not need them anymore. Sometimes, you’ll be forced to choose yourself or stay dependent on your partner. If you choose yourself, you’ll experience a brand new reality. If you choose to remain dependent you’ll end up miserable, because you know in your heart the time has come for you to own your life, and you’re not. 

If we ignore our intuition about our financial life, we find ourselves stuck in careers that don’t fulfill us. Most people believe that they’re not worthy of having a fabulous career (doing something they love while making the financial means to support ourselves). The belief of unworthiness creates actions that attract us to careers that keep us feeling miserable and small.

When we’re not operating from an abundant and creative mindset, we limit our earning potential, because we refuse to think that we’re worthy of abundance. We must learn how to save ourselves by taking steps towards our own financial liberation, and no matter how small the quest may appear to be. We save ourselves by following our curiosity and facing our fear of lack by choosing careers that are fulfilling.

It’s not until we choose ourselves and leave the old and familiar behind, it’s not until we follow our own dreams, face our fears, live out our bliss, dare to become greater, fill ourselves up with everything we need, create our identity, completely embody and become the epitome of what we desire, then and only then can we accept the love from another person.

More importantly, we’ll be able to truly give love to another person. We’ll be able to love someone completely by acknowledging that we don’t need anyone to complete us or make us whole. We’ve learned how to save our own life, and that is story worth telling. 

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