What Is Bioenergetics Therapy?

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By Brandon Jamil

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What Is Bioenergetics?

We all know what typical therapy offers. We go in and share our thought and emotions, we leave with tools and gain a deeper insight to our personality. For most of us therapy has aided in our healing process tremendously. But recently I was introduced to a different method of therapy which is called Bio Energetics. Bio Energetics is form of psychodynamic psychotherapy that combines the physical body and mind to further assist people with their emotional challenges, and blocks. Bioenergetics helps individuals find resolve for their mental and emotional issues. 

Bioenergetics psychotherapists believe that there is a direct correlation between the body and mind. Furthermore, what affects the body will inetivualbely effect the mind. Whatever mental defenses we have for our pain, trauma is anchored in our bodies, cellar tissue. These patterns of anchors inhibit self expression. These patterns can be understood by bioenergetics psychotherapists who are trained to observe structure, posture, breathing and movement. 

So What You’re Saying Is…

In other words, the trauma that’s stored within our cellular tissue becomes our bodies biology—which can be highly toxic. These emotions must have expression, life, and even a voice. Bioenergetics therapy enables us to do just that. For some of us expressing and giving life to our emotional life (with no holds bars) can be extremely uncomfortable and intimidating. We’re groomed to suppress our emotions and as we age, our bodies and health can pay the price for the suppression. 

What Is A Typical Session Like?

On average the session will be under the supervision of your bioenergetic psychotherapists. Like any therapy session, you walk in. This session there’s very little talking between you and the therapist. The therapist role is to guide you with movements, exercise, emotional releases. 

What Can I Expect? 

You can expect to play out your wounding and pathology. Your therapist will literally assist you with tapping into your subconscious mind. Which enables you to address the deep seed emotional and mental clutter that anchors into your body. Playing out the patterns looks different for all of us. Some people will cry and curl up like a baby. Others will become angry and begin hitting the wall and yelling around the room with their mouth open. The point is identifying the blockage within the body, addressing it, and then working on releasing it. 

Should I Be Ashamed? 

No. Taking charge of your mental health and emotional wellness is self love. Anyone that suggests otherwise should be irradiated from your life—immediately. 

What if I want to do the work on my own?

I am not a listened therapist, so please consult your therapist for the correct medical opinion. Personally, I have friends who end up purchasing their own bioenergetics equipment, and doing it at home—once they get grounded in their healing. 

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits are plentiful. 

 1. Self love— by confronting and acknowledging your emotions and thought patterns.

 2. Honoring yourself— you no longer attempt to hide or flee from surpassed emotions and patterns, you learn to embrace them. 

 3. Self expression— you learn how to express your emotions without feeling guilty. 

 4. New connections— the body and mind learn how to make newer connections by releasing old blockages. 

 5.  Confidence— doing the REAL work gives you unshakable confidence, because you know how to deal with yourself (at all times). 

 6. Respect— You’ll find yourself being true and authentic to yourself, which makes you respect yourself as the bad ass you are.


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