Catch 22: A Short Story.

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By: Brandon Jamil

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Sandra demanded that I immediately meet her for coffee, as she has important news to share. I Jump into my car, and ride down to the Welton Street Coffee house. I rush inside to greet Sandra. Sandra sitting next to the main window facing traffic as she has tears in her eyes. “What is it Sandra?” I ask.  Sandra’s eyes were enlarged as she begins to cry and lifts her hand up. Nothing appears to be wrong. Sandra then takes her fingers and shows me the ring on her finger. “John finally asked me. He finally did it! I can’t believe it. He arranged a gathering with my family at the New Mexico hot air balloon fest. It’s finally happening to me! Oh my God no more talking shit about those married women who hate their lives. John and I decided we want kids, and we want a big house. We probably will get into some debt but who cares? I am getting married. I need to plan my wedding. I need a long white dress that makes Carrie Bradshaw look foolish. I need a venue and lots of champagne. I have no clue what food to serve. I really don’t want his mother’s sister there. She’s a sneaky bitch. Brett, this is the time of my life. I have never felt this happy!” Sandra exclaimed.

I forced a fake smile while giving Sandra a hug. “This is exciting Sandra! You finally did it!!!” I said. Sandra and I sat down. She had already ordered my caramel frap with extra whip cream. I tried to fake smile and pretend that I was going to be apart of her future life. Though, I knew I wouldn’t. She is preparing to begin her family, and settle her life down, and I can’t seem to find a man to take me on a date. I’ve given up on love many moons ago. The games, the hurdles, the pickup lines, the perfect outfit, the proper conversation, the constant attempts to only end up with a hook up.

Sandra looks at me and places her hand’s on top of mine. “Brett stop worrying, he is out there. Do you know how many girlfriends of mine got married, and I hated them? The thought that they’d be more ahead in love than me. The horrifying belief that I’d die alone and miserable would make me almost want to see their marriage fall apart. Trust me I know how you feel.” I rolled my eyes and began laughing. “God I just don’t understand why everyone is finding the love of their life and I’m just wanting to be seen by someone. It may just not be in the cards for me. I’m more pissed off that I can’t call you late at night and complain about how my date went. Or I can’t just come over and share stories with you over a bottle of red. You’re my person, and now you’re someone else’s person.”

Sandra lightly giggled. “Brett you can still call me and no you may not be able to just pop up. But I promise I will always make time for us. You will always be my person and my fiancé accepts’ that.”

“When do you want to have this wedding?” I asked.

“Most likely in the beginning of fall. I found some pink peony’s that I adore. I’m thinking simple chic with a splash of elegance. I don’t want to go overboard. But honey! This is my first wedding. I should go all out. John is helping me with the wedding details. I know he doesn’t care, but I love that he is at least participating. John wants to move out of Denver. He thinks Denver is over. She lost her touch seven years ago. The one place in America you could just come and enjoy without all the extra crap involved. For years I secretly wanted to leave this city, because I thought it was too simple and plain. Now I find myself sad that it’s time for me to part ways with this city. In some ways Denver raised us. Denver was our first lover. The first time I fell in love with downtown, the first time I fell in love with the food and people, the first time I fell in love with nature, the first time I got lost in the old neighborhoods, the first time I had my first kiss and found another. I remember the moments when Denver held me up and wouldn’t allow me to fall. Or the times the homeless men and women would share their stories. Now I am to be married in this majestic western city. I finally get my happily ever after. Sandra said sobbing.”

“Where do you plan to go? I asked.”

“We’re thinking Houston or Austin. John can do business anywhere. Brett, all of these years I was angry at women because their lives became better. What I didn’t know is that they too had to allow parts of themselves to die. We talk about what the man has to sacrifice, and women don’t share all of things she has to do for her marriage. I am giving up my entire life for this man. The city I am in love with, my family that has been here for generations, my career. It’s heartbreaking. If I could go back and talk to my previous single self I would say: These moments are for you. Only for you. To break all the rules, to live wildly, and free, to live unapologetically, to discover and explore, to fulfill yourself, to set out on a quest to love yourself and wait for no one. I regret spending five years making my entire life about a man. Brett, I can’t get those moments back, and now I will have to be with this man always and always. Relish in your freedom my friend, and never forget these moments,” Sandra said.

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