The Thief: A Short Story Series Part 1.

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Written By: Brandon Jamil

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Brian invited Terrence to join him for dinner through a dating app. Terrence read the online dating message but didn’t respond. The next day Brian discovered Terrence on social media and read his vile tweets about ugly men asking him on dates. Brian is struggling with low self-esteem, and Immediately internalizes the rejection and promised himself that he would never position himself to be publicly humiliated like this again. Brian was no longer interested in being the perfect boyfriend or lover. After much heartache, pain he realized that relationships were nothing more than a game of seduction and power; The modern civilized way to bend or break the will of another.

In-order for Brian to successfully take revenge on Terrence, he’d need to understand his victim’ s psychology. Brain methodically studied Terrence by stocking his victim on social media. Analyzing Terrence’s food choice, friend circle, businesses he’d frequent, hobbies, and conversation allowed Brain to connect the dots in his victim’s personality. Three months later Brian then created a false identity on several dating apps. He felt the need to create a larger than life persona. First Brian researched Instagram and found many attractive men where he could steal the image and use it. Brian decided to disarm his victim on Adam4Adam. It is here that Brian created the persona, and false identity of Blake Roberts; A young lawyer on the rise, whom recently moved to Denver to simply find love. To make his fictional story compelling, he would confess his life of an ex drug dealer who somehow found his way. This is of course after the family abandonment, and women he had to leave behind. “Blake” knew that playing dumber than his mark, by pretending to be ignorant of the gay would allow him to slowly devour Terrence’s soul.

Brain completed the online dating profile app and waited patently for his victims to approach. In the game of war, one must allow their enemy to come to them. This ensures the enemy must bend to the rules of war you’ve set. Often, they’ll abandon their own plans in the process; ultimately enabling you to conquer your enemy.

Three days later Terrence viewed Blakes profile and like clockwork he initiated contact. Brian chose to log off and respond the next day. Blake finally responds to Terrence with: “Hello, how’re you?” Terrence never being placed on hold from another man is taken aback and instantly responds. “I am good man, what’s up?” Blake withdrew from the conversation as he feels pressured and unsure. When you’re unsure of what to do, you must do nothing. Otherwise you must take bold action despite the consequences. By doing so, one is prepared from all angles. About an hour later, Blake wrote back: “I am at work and I need food.” Terrence viewed the message with a rushed response. “You must be new here. I haven’t seen you around.”

“You’re correct.” Blake said.

“Where exactly are you from?” Asked Terrence.

“The Bronx. Denver is so lame, I am about ready to pack up and leave.”

“Don’t be so thin skinned. You just have to adjust to the people, and things will be fine.” Terrence said.

“If you say so.” Said Blake.

“What exactly are you looking for on here?” Terrence inquired.

“Something more.” Blake retorted.

“You fuck boys are all the same. Vague answers with no real goals. I am fed up. Don’t bother answering my question.” Terrence belted.

“Fuck boy? Strong language for someone whom doesn’t know me. I guess the last guy did a number on you.”

“You know what. Fuck you! I don’t need this shit.” Terrence said.

Blake’s only response was silence. He made sure that Terrence could feel it. Blake logged off the dating app and went to sleep and waited a few more days to go back on. Blake taking a gamble that would either give him the ultimate leverage or it would blow up in his face. When Blake finally logged into his account he had several messages from Terrence waiting for him.

“Look I’m sorry man. I know I am rough around the edges, and I can be an ass. I have been hurt like most people, but don’t judge me for it. Try to understand it.”

“I hope I didn’t run you away. That wasn’t my intention.”

“Did you delete your account? I haven’t heard back from you.”

“I’m really sorry.”

Blake viewed the messages, and for a moment he felt satisfied that his victim is crumbling into submission. Blake chooses to respond by providing Terrence his telephone number. This will allow Terrence to think he is once again in full control. Blake knew that Terrence would not immediately contact him. Therefore, he patiently waits. Terrence waiting patiently is demonstrating his self-control and masculinity. When a man can remain in control of himself the people around him begin to feel insecure as they realize they’ve created conflict. Which only gives Brian the upper hand in this game of war.

The next day Terrence sent a text message to Blake asking him if he could give him a call. Blake agreed to it but was not ready because he hadn’t planned the voice he’d use. So, Blake quickly thought on his feet, and recalled a YouTube video that taught men how to deeper their voice. Blake understands that this is the performance of his life, and he must be seductive, sexy, and be commanding yet playful and witty. Terrence is about to get the love of his life, or so he thinks.

To Be continued…



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